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Need an app for your business that can run seamlessly across Android and iPhone yet limited by budget constraints? A Hybrid App is the answer. It is a mixture of Native and Web Apps, giving you a cross-platform experience along with scalable features in a highly customized Mobile Application. Few most popular technologies for developing hybrid apps include Ionic, a PhoneGap / Cordova based HTML5 framework and Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled apps. Tectignis IT Solutions is an ISO  certified Mobile  App Development Agency with substantial experience in cross-platform app development. Our team of expert developers specialize in providing Hybrid App Development Services as per your business requirements.

Popular Technology Stack

  • Ionic is built on standardized Angular JS based technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and inspires stunning UI designs. 
  • This is an open-source SDK from Google, written in Dart.
  • Ionic has a powerful and useful Command Line Interface (CLI) that levels up scalability, and stability of the applications all the while reducing the development time. Once it comes to creating new files, folders, projects, or compiling projects to native apps, Ionic CLI is extremely handy.
  • Since the Dart code is compiled with the C-library of a native ARM machine code, it does not require a JavaScript interpreter or ‘bridge’ to interact with the native components. This enhances the performance of Flutter even while executing complex UI animations. Thereby, Flutter offers almost a native-like performance.
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Our Hybrid App Development Process

If you are looking for a cost-effective cross-platform App quickly, only an experienced Mobile App Development agency can come of use to you. Our dedicated team of expert Hybrid app developers in India can go an extra mile to get your App up and running on the different App stores within the specified time. User experience is always our priority. We ensure a seamless UI/UX design when developing the App. Using a diverse range of codes and frameworks, we give life to the designs and create a robust Hybrid App for the users. After development, we hire experts in the technological field to test your App and give his/her feedback as a user. Accordingly, we fix bugs, enhance performance and tweak designs if required.

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